Embracing life’s lessons with heart, humor and hope.


Thanks for stopping by my Story House. 

The door is always open. You don't have to call first. Drop in guests are the best.  My house reflects my heart. I've decorated it with love, laughter and hope.  I want this space to be a place where the moment you step inside, the weight of the world dissipates.  Take off your shoes and curl up on the couch.  

The coffee is brewing. The ocean waves are crashing.  The wood is crackling in the fireplace.  

Let's talk.

Let's share our stories, ideas, and dreams.  Let's share the beauty and the pain in life's landscape and become stronger together.  

Love, DW

The room with an ocean view is a place of inspiration. A space to dream, create, and enter into the imagination and world of the stories never told. 

Inside are the works of my soul. The books, plays, stories and sermons birthed out of a passion for legacy, love, joy, and the divine whispers of a Father speaking to His children. 

Ocean View Room →

My red journals have traveled with me through life. The stacks they sit on my shelves and bedside table containing the pages of life spanning through years of lessons, struggles, celebrations and joys. 

I invite you into the space that continues to teach me to dream bigger, surrender more, and embrace life's little edits along the way.

The Writing Room →