A Heart Remembers

The heart remembers…  It happens. You wake up one day and you just don’t feel right.  You think maybe you didn’t sleep well or maybe you’re coming down with something. You get up and start pressing through the day. It is raining outside after all- that could be why you’re feeling so… You try to fill in the blank but you just can’t figure it out. Midway through the day, a passing thought captures your heart. It’s a memory. You look at the date and the pieces come together- this is the anniversary of…. a bad diagnosis, a family death, a harsh betrayal… some ache of the soul returns without invitation- without provocation. It settles in for a visit. It sits with the weight of cinder blocks, as the pain drags you back through the miry pit. Your heart offers itself to be pierced again longing to find hope in the healing.