Millstones to Milestones

A year ago I celebrated a milestone. I wrote and published my first book: “Pocket Full of Questions.”  The writing wasn’t the significant part. I’ve written stories, plays, videos for years. The publishing wasn’t the significant part. I self-published the book for time sake as the project is a fund- raiser for a missionary friend. It was the following through that was significant. And this little lesson in weights and measurements made all the difference.

A “milestone” is a significant point in development.                                                                           A “millstone” is something that grinds and crushes.                                                                         One pushes you forward and one weighs you down.                                                                       The difference between the two? Just a “little e”.

By little “e”, I’m certainly referring to lower case because there is nothing little about the difference between millstones and milestones. And I had to learn that to ever reach a milestone, I would have to ditch the millstones. In essence, conduct a little “exchange.” Exchange what weighs me down for what will push me forward.

Exchange limits for a little exposure. You never know what you’re capable of as long as you buy into the lie of “I can’t.” The truth is in the garden we were given way more freedom than limitations. And what did we do? Focus on the limits with the whole world at our feet. So go ahead… step out. Expose yourself to scary possibilities!

Exchange lethargy for a little effort. When you do nothing, nothing gets done. Simple but profound. I know how easy it is to finish the workday and want to “veg out.” But once I devoted a little time and effort, the jotting turned into scribbling and the scribbling turned into writing. Wonderful momentum took over and words and ideas started to flow. So start small, but start. Watch effort give way to results!

Go on… get the “L” outta here! (and exchange them for Es, I mean) Because your song, your book, your business venture, your milestone is waiting for YOU!