My husband-my hero

It's crazy to think that a pair of glasses kept everyone from recognizing that Clark Kent was Superman but the truth is that we have heroes walking among us undercover, in plain sight every day. 

Just like Superman, my hero is from another planet. Well it may as well be a different planet. You can't get much different than our histories. Similar until high school, he went the way of a full-time musician in a rock band and I headed off to Bible College.

When he crashed into my world I needed a superhero to swoop in and rescue me. He was disguised as something other than my "type." He was a long-haired, rough-around-the-edges smoker with a shall we say "very adult" sense of humor and a list of acquisitions and adventures you can probably imagine from the rock musician job description. 

The more time we spent together the more I felt loved. The more I felt loved, the more I felt cherished. Men, when you cherish a woman it's a powerful thing. He showed me what unconditional love was-loving me when I felt my most unlovable. He has been my rock through chaos, cancer and emotional healing. When I fall into his hearty frame and he wraps his arms around me, I'm home.

He loves our daughter the same way- with a care, concern and calm that evened out our parenting perfectly. She may never know how deep his love runs, but I do and it makes me weepy just to think about it.

He became my ministry partner. It wasn't a visible position but it was the power and support that kept me on track in my calling. He became my biggest fan, no matter what crazy plan I was hatching. He wouldn't ever lie- not even when I asked him if my jeans made my butt look big. It's our agreement- he won't lie and I won't get mad that he's not lying! 

He is the best stealth evangelist I know. The qualities that would turn off the super-religious are the very qualities that have made people listen to him about faith and about our church. His past is well known so when he mentions God and church, it turns some heads. And in the head-turning people figure if Mike Whitten can be a Christian and go to church maybe they can too. Many lives have been changed and eternities secured because he used his past to paint a picture of what's possible through Christ.

My dearest has one cryptonite. He spends all his belief on others leaving none for himself. Today as we celebrate love, I want you to know Michael that I love you more than I can possibly show. I want you to know that you are a loving, giving, talented, precious man and I believe you can do anything you set your mind to. I am proud of you. And for whatever time God gives us together you have my heart.