What have you learned?

What is a major life lesson you have learned? The organizers of the Women Conquering Conference where I am speaking March 19th posed this question. Pretty big question and I'm supposed to capture it on video. Time limit: 30 seconds.

"Where in the world do I begin?" I thought. I'm 50+ and there are a lot of major lessons I've learned in those years. I still carry the scars for some of them. So I started thinking about what God had done recently. I immediately recalled when I was challenged with the phrase "I don't think you have it in you. Prove it!" It rubbed me the wrong way because I am motivated more by belief than doubt. Don't get me wrong I enjoy a good challenge- just not that way.

So here is my answer... 

A life lesson that has had a huge impact on me was when I learned the difference between “prove yourself” and “show yourself.”

 “Prove yourself” is Satan’s bait to trap you into performance and an endless cycle of jumping up to hit some imaginary measuring stick. It will distract you and put you on the defense. He magnifies our insecurities and challenges our worth.

“Show yourself” is simply revealing what is already inside you. Even at his weakest in the desert, Jesus, as the Son of God, never proved his identity or his message. He never proved his miracles. He simply showed his scars and let Thomas decide for himself. He showed himself at the right time for the right reason.

As daughters and sons of the King we should never feel like we have to prove ourselves to anyone. We simply have to show who we are, whose we are and whatever God has put inside us that He wants to use for His Kingdom for such a time as this. 

What's a quick lesson you'd like to share? Is there something that changed your heart? Your perspective?