Of course...

Of course....I pulled out of my neighborhood on my way to meet my daughter, Ashleigh, for our weekly “shaker date”. A shaker date is named for our favorite drink at our favorite local coffee spot. Every Saturday we have a standing date to sip our shakers and catch up on the week’s events. Sometimes these afternoons evolve into a trip to our mother ship, TJ Maxx, but I digressed.

 The sun was shining and though it was January it was 70 degrees. (A clear departure from one week earlier when we had 18 degrees and a potential blizzard.) The thought of sitting outside in the warm sunshine with Ashleigh had me raring’ to go. As I turned the corner I felt the car vibrating. I drove a little further hoping it was just “Ole Gray” needing to warm up. However, the more I drove, the more it felt wrong. I called my husband and told him I was headed back home with a car “issue.” He met me outside and took the car for a spin. As he was driving back I noticed a huge lump on the inside of the driver’s side front tire. 

Now what I left out of my story is what I said when I realized there was a problem with my car. No, it wasn’t profanity. I uttered, “Of course.” “Of course, on a pretty day when I’m on my way to enjoy time with my daughter- something wrong or bad would happen.”

While those two words might seem insignificant the stinkin’ thinkin’ behind it isn’t insignificant at all. The Holy Spirit arrested my attention and flooded my mind with instances where I said:


Of course, we would have a snow storm when so many people are coming in town for a funeral.

Of course, the minute I get things settled at work, there’s another fire to put out.

Of course, when Christmas is going great, there must be a quarrel or something to mess it up.

Of course, we get our finances in good shape and get hit with unexpected expenses.


Following the flood of thoughts, the Holy Spirit said, “Why do you believe Murphy’s law more than God’s grace?” And then He gave me two words to replace the old ones; “Take heart.”

I knew immediately what that meant. See, I had just used John 16:33 in a memorial service the week prior. “In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”


Of course, there was a snow storm, but take heart the people who need to be there, were there.

Of course, there’s another fire to put out, but take heart I have equipped and anointed you for this.

Of course, family is going to quarrel, but take heart you HAVE family and you’re togeth.

Of course, you will be hit with unexpected expenses but take heart, I am your provider!


“Take heart” is the antidote to Satan’s “of course.” He wants us to believe that life can’t be good- that something bad is always looming around the corner-like he is holding the “other shoe” over our head threatening to drop it any moment. Personally, I want to take that shoe and beat him over the head with it. I’m tired of him trying to steal my joy! Remember whatever comes, HE has OVERcome!


How about you? What “of course” have you experienced recently that God wants to turn into a “take heart?”