I want to invite you to a different “march” - 31 days in March of taking territory for our families and for the Kingdom of God. We are at war- a spiritual war that is invading our homes, offices, and communities. Satan is trying to hijack the uprising to which God is calling women and twisting it to try and distract us and pull us off course. And if we are not careful we will get it wrong.

So, for the month of March, I am asking women who love God to unite in focus and prayer daily. Each day I will post prompts to help us focus on what is true and of God with regards to our identity, our strength and the “other-world” battle we face and the real enemy.  I’ve never heard so many stories of family pain, loss, grief, and chaos and so many women struggling with their role and calling. It’s attack- pure and simple. But what if Satan’s target isn’t our marriages our health, families, or anything else.? What if he is attacking our faith because that is where the power is.

If you are not feeling the warfare and are at good place, solid and centered in Christ, your prayers are needed too. Your strength holds up the weary warriors. Your words of affirmation and encouragement are water to a thirsty soul. We need you!

It is time to focus, daughters of the King. It’s time to allow God to strengthen us on our knees in our prayer closets. Marching in the streets will never accomplish what marching on our knees can. If it helps you focus, you may choose to fast during this time and I would encourage that if you feel led. It would also be great if you could share with your friends.

“The Lord announces the word, and the women who proclaim it are a mighty throng:” Psalm 68:11

Prepare your hearts and minds now. We are going to “spring forward” in March in more than one way! #adifferentmarch