Day 3 of 31: Defenseless

Did you know the fear of nudity is gymnophobia? That explains Junior High-that’s when we started dressing out for “PE”. Being naked in front of people is what nightmares are made out of.  In Psalms, David declares God as his focus and protector and he asks God to not leave him defenseless. In Hebrew that word is “arah”, which means naked, uncovered and emptied. And while God will not leave us defenseless, He will lead us to defenselessness. Like a restoration project in the hands of a tender craftsman, God desires to lovingly strip off wrong beliefs and shatter old earthly mantles and restore us to His original creation. As women, we can be covered with layers of lies, insecurity, bitterness, regrets, loneliness, etc. This March let’s take territory by reclaiming our identities in Christ.

Reflection: What layers of lies and wrong beliefs will you ask God to strip off?

Prayer: Dear Father, forgive me for how I have allowed Satan, others and even myself to paint layers of lies over the beauty you created in me. Strip them off with your loving care so I am no longer suffocated by fear, insecurity, wounds or _________________.  “My eyes are toward you O God, my Lord, in you I seek refuge. Leave me not defenseless.” Psalm 141:8