Day 6 of 31: Dismantle your sword!

I have a sharp tongue. I can be sarcastic and sometimes during arguments, I go straight for the jugular. I’m not proud of it, but I've used this weapon to fight my battles. In a way, my words have been my swords. When I was young, kids were cruel. If I could poke them with a sharp, sarcastic comeback, I won. A few kids saying, "I guess she told you" kept some bullies at bay. It seemed to work so I became a master. I should've chosen to strengthen my identity in Christ, which would've fixed the problem. I chose instead to strengthen my weapon.

In 2 Chronicles 26 King Uzziah was successful when he sought God. Unfortunately, during his reign, something changed. Instead of depending on God it says, “He strengthened himself exceedingly.” He began depending on the strength of his army, weapons and fortified towers.

God recently told me to "Dismantle my sword". (anything I use to fight) “Can’t I just put my sword down, Lord,” I asked.” “No,” he replied, “it’s too easy to pick back up. Take it apart. The battle is mine."  What weapons have you fashioned for your fight? Allow God to help you dismantle them and equip you with His sword, His Word, His strength.

Reflection: What weapon have you forged in the fires of life to fight people that hurt you and situations that threaten you?

Prayer: Lord, I confess that I have created my own weapons to fight my battles. I realize now that they are insufficient to fight earthly battles and ineffective to fight ­­­my strongest enemy. Dismantle any weapons I have fashioned that have hurt others and kept me ineffective in Your service. Replace them with truth, strength, and Your Word which is living and active and sharper than any two-edged sword.


statue in picture is entitled "Valor" and is in Stone Mountain Park, GA