Day 12 of 31: A chat with your soul about rest

We don't use the word "rest" much. These days we say we need a break, we can't wait for vacation, or we're taking a long weekend. But rest? Mostly we use that word when we're bugging our kids to eat the rest of their vegetables! That rest means, what's left. THAT is not God's rest. In God's economy, rest was designed to be a priority, not something that is left over. He also designed himself to be the source. 

I think at one time or another we have all related to David in the Psalms he penned. I love this chain of verses that reflect a conversation he had with his soul about rest.

Psalm 55:6 - I said, Oh that I had the wings of a dove. I would fly away and be at rest.                                 We've all been there! Delta, take me away!

Psalm 62:1 - Truly my soul finds rest in God; my salvation comes from him.                                          A few chapters later he realizes that he doesn't need to sprout wings or escape to be at rest. He resolves in his spirit that rest is only found in God.

Psalm 62:5 - Yes, my soul, find rest in God. my salvation comes from him.                                     So, it's only been 3 verses since he claimed rest in God but he's having to remind his soul to rest!

Psalm 116:7 - Return to your rest, my soul, for the Lord has been good to you.                                 This world will try and steal your rest. But the rest of your soul in God will take care of the rest (remaining).                     

Reflection: Which verse best suits the state of your soul rest right now? Do you just want to get away? Is your rest secured in God? Are you needing to remind your soul to rest? Or have you drifted so far into chaos that a reminder no longer works? And you have to turn back towards rest?

Prayer: Dear Father, Your son, Jesus, says in scripture if we are weary and burdened we should come to him and he will give us rest. I am in need of the soul rest that only comes from my relationship with You, through Christ. Show me how to rest in your presence. Show me how to prioritize my rest in the midst of busyness, steady my soul.