Day 11 of 31: What would you have me to do?

"Vocation is where our greatest passion meets the world's greatest need." - Frederick Buechner.

There' a little amperage in my voice today. I want to talk about "holy discontent". I first heard this from Bill Hybels at Willow Creek Church 20 years ago. It marked me for life. Holy discontent: "What is the one aspect of this broken world that when you see it, touch it, get near it, you just can't stand? That firestorm of frustration reflects your holy discontent."

My holy discontent is when Christians act powerless, purposeless and passionless. We are daughters of the KING! We ALL HAVE God-given assignments, anointing, and authority. 

To fight this battle- this enemy- we must believe this at our core! (I hear people who exercise say core is important. How much more the core of our soul and our calling!) And once you believe it you MUST receive it! It breaks my heart and stirs my anger when I see women who allow earthly circumstances to overpower what God desires to do for us, to us, and through us. 

Enter the pursuit with open hands.

As children of God He has asked all of us to do certain things. Start there. love others, serve others, and make disciples, In the course of your growth and obedience, God will fuel your passion and reveal your holy discontent for such a time as this.

Reflection: What is your holy discontent? How are you using it to be the hands and feet of Christ? Where is your firestorm of frustration? If you don't know, are you willing to start with loving, serving and discipling? Or are you waiting for your calling to come to you?

Prayer: God, I come to you with open hands and open heart. I desire to receive my assignment, my anointing and my authority. I no longer want to be paralyzed by the lie that I don't have a calling or the power to accomplish it. I commit as I am listening for your voice, I will follow the your commands to love, serve, and grow others. "Teach me your ways Lord that I may rely on your faithfulness and give me an undivided heart." Psalm 86

(In searching online for the official definition of Holy discontent I saw that Bill Hybels wrote a book on it. Although I haven't read it, the concept is so powerful I'm sure it's awesome. In fact, I think I'm going to order one myself.)