Day 14 of 31: Lets go to Bama! (and I don't mean Roll Tide)

Actually the word is Bamah (BA-MAH) and it's found in one of my favorite scriptures in the Bible. "The sovereign Lord is my strength; he makes my feet like the feet of a deer; he enables me to tread on the heights. Habbakuk 3

The word, "heights" is bamah. It's actually kinda crazy that I love this verse because I am afraid of heights! But then again, maybe that's the whole reason I love this verse. I get a picture in my mind of God strengthening me and equipping me for the high places. I imagine myself sure-footed.

About the time I embraced the "sure-footed" portion of this verse I was reminded what God was making me sure-footed for... the heights. While that sounds glorious for some like some scene from the Sound of Music, the heights are a little more than that.

As we enter the second half of our different March, we are headed for the heights. So you may as well know how it's used in scripture: 

Bamah: mountain, place of worship... so far so good.... battlefield- uh-oh, and last but not least funeral mound.

Over the last 2 weeks you have been steadied and readied. The Lord has clothed you with salvation. He is your protecting shield and your triumphant sword! Your enemies will cringe before you and you will stomp on their backs! (same word, bamah) I Peter 5, Deut. 33:29

Are you ready? Are you ready to climb to the heights, to worship God in his strength and provision, to fight on the battlefield for people's lives and eternity, and to bury the enemy?

Reflect: What mountain are you asking God to give you? How can you worship Him more deeply and completely the rest of the March? Who/What will you be fighting for? Do you have faith to claim victory over the enemy?

Prayer: Father, you have made me a mighty warrior. You have set my heart and resolve toward you and toward taking territory for your Kingdom. You are calling me to the heights and casting out my fear with your love. My heart is set on this pilgrimage toward your victory. The battle is yours. Mine is to possess the land and kill the giants. You are before me, behind me and beside me. Thy will be done!