Day 17 of 31: The Cadence of Praise

Seven years ago my husband and I went to Gettysburg, Virginia. The battle grounds felt ominous. The museum captured my heart as we explored pictures, relics, and letters home. One set of display cases caught my attention. Next to some pretty gnarly battlefield surgical tools, there were musical instruments. As I looked at the drums and trumpets, I thought it odd that musicians would have a place in the military,  So I did a little research:

  • Revolutionary War drummers and fifers were used in battle to summon men to take up arms and to fire. In the hazy fog of battle, (Remember our fog of war?) visual command was impossible and music was the only way to convey orders to the troops.
  • Military music dates back to early Romans where they found soldiers moved with more spirit and efficiency when they marched to a cadence. 
  • Musicians were given special privileges because generals believed that music had done more than its share, in winning the war.

During our march to fight this spiritual warfare, praise creates a necessary cadence.. 

  • We are reminded of the orders given us by our commander. Worship cuts through the confusion and honors our Commander.
  • We move in the Holy Spirit and a spring in our step when we rehearse truth.
  • Music helps us win the war within our hearts and minds that need focus!

Reflection: Spend some time doing a scripture search on the word "praise".

Spend some time creating your praise and worship song list, if you don't have one and post suggested music on my Facebook page for women to see.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, We give you praise and proclaim your name and make you known among the nations (1 Chronicles 16:8) You are my strength and shield and my heart trusts in you because you help me. My heart leaps for joy and with my song I praise you. (Psalm 28:7) Lord, there are women who do not know the power of praise. Help me to share worship during this war time with women who need to be summoned to a band of women with which to do life. Your praise will ever be on my lips and I will worship you with my whole heart for all eternity.