Day 18 of 31: Intercession

This post on intercession is penned by my dear friend, Karen Shogren. Her heart for this world and commitment to international intercession inspire me. I know she will inspire you too!

Intercession…(Greek)  entugchano  meaningfalling in go to meet a person for the purpose of conversation and consultation.

Luke 24:32 "were not our hearts burning within us while he was talking to us on the road, while he was opening the scriptures up to us"

Jesus sought out these two grieving travelers on the road to Emmaus after his death.  He found them talking about him as if he wasn't there so he inserted himself and engaged them.  Jesus knew that his companions needed to learn to hear him without seeing him so they would trust he was still with them.  He made himself visible just long enough for them to know that it was he who was speaking to their hearts. They didn't recognize his physical form so it wasn't until he disappeared that they had a smack-your-head moment....

They should have known!! Of course it was him because he lit up their souls like he always has done. His words impacted them in a beautiful, familiar and peculiar way that could only be Jesus. His internal presence is turned into a companionship that is internally sweet and present every time we meet with him in prayer. Intercession is this meeting up with Jesus.

Prayer is companionship. It believes that someone that was once seen as Jesus walking the earth is still aliveand burning within us and we can meet with Him. It is personal because it’s in us....and it is never more real than when I am with my fire sisters hashing things through, praying together, talking about how amazing our God is, pouring over our journals and wondering what in the world he is up to. My life takes on a new awareness. Sacred moments multiply and I look into the eyes of my friends who I don't physically recognize as Jesus and I can say "can you feel our hearts burning?"  He is here.  Our days become beautifully desperate and expectant prayer offerings. 

Reflection:  Who are your fire sisters? Bring them together and talk about the things of God. Pray together and feel the power of the consuming fire in your hearts as you feel his presence among you.  May it become a familiar warmth that feeds your life as it basks in his presence within and around you.

Prayer: Sweet Jesus, I know you are not an eavesdropper because you know there is no relationship in it.  You want to be invited to join in. You want to become a constant companion. Lord, we desire you and welcome you in.   i ask that you light a fire in our souls that is we can trust... filled with revelation, joy and that is present no matter how we feel. A fire that transforms so that over a period of time we wont even recognize ourselves. Pray for us that, as you enter into our midst,  we become the people and souls you have created us to be.  In Jesus Holy Name!!