Day 22 of 31: Pray for a Steady Heart

One of the things I am most proud of are the women who I have invited to blog during this 31-day March. Each one has had a perfect message for the perfect day. Today we hear from one of my newest friends, Micah Nicholson. She has a beautiful heart, and heartfelt insights. (Just let her have her coffee first in the morning!)

I’ll be honest, I tend to freak out about a lot of things. I'm a Type A, OCD mess much of the time. So, when things don’t go as expected or I’m forced to make a change, my emotions take over. I lunge into a pit of anxiety and find myself wallowing in worry and defeat. Guys, I turn into “that girl.” You know, the girl you don’t want to hang out with because she brings you down with her negativity. It’s not a pretty sight, and I’m beginning to realize “that girl” is not who I’m meant to be.

One of my favorite things about God is how He shows me His love. I’ve known Him long enough to notice how He likes to speak to me. Things that would be considered coincidences to others are God moments to me. Just a few weeks ago, I had an incredible moment when God very clearly led me to Psalm 112:7, “She will have no fear of bad news. Her heart is steadfast trusting in the Lord.” He was asking me to have a steady heart. “But what is a steady heart, God?” I wasn’t sure what He was really trying to tell me. So, I began searching through my Bible. I found several verses about being steadfast. Psalm 51:10-12, Psalm 57:7, and 1 Peter 5:10 are just a few. I also looked up the meaning of being steady. Unwavering, dependable, levelheaded; this is who He is calling me to be.

If we’re going to live our lives for His glory, our hearts must be steady. We cannot let the emotional rollercoaster of life, marriage, parenting, or work dictate our attitude towards God’s true plans and purposes for us. When you allow insecurities, fear, and doubt to creep in, you are crippling what God is able to do in and through you. You are not living up to your full potential. His heart’s desire for you is to trust and be fearless. If you continually choose to be steady, He will lead you down the path of righteousness. You just have to trust Him enough to keep walking.

Reflection: When life gets overwhelming or things don’t go your way, how do you respond? How can you become more steady in your relationship with your husband, kids, or colleagues? Who do you know who also rides the emotional rollercoaster too many times? Who could you put in the blanks: _______ will have no fear of bad news. Her heart will be steadfast trusting in the Lord.

Prayer: Lord, I thank you for loving me like you do. You never tire of reminding me of Your goodness and unfailing love. Help me not to be so quick to snap into negativity. When the day doesn’t go my way or unexpected moments hit, flood my mind and heart with your peace. May I be unwavering in trusting that You have me, You know me, and You will never let me down. I also pray for the women who need to know this about you. They need to know You will never let them down. They need to get off the emotional rollercoaster and have a steady heart in You. May the steadiness of trusting you bring peace, stillness and hope into their lives. In Jesus’ name, Amen.