Day 25 of 31: Pray for YOUR Finish

I had a mini-meltdown when I thought of #adifferentmarch coming to an end next week. I had just encouraged all you to "finish strong" and now those words were coming back to haunt me. I'm exhausted. I'm still battling an upper respiratory infection. I'm not sure I've done everything God asked me to do when He gave me this assignment! I wondered how I could ask you to finish strong when I am feeling so weak. Fortunately, I'm at a cabin with my writing partner, Marie, who had the answer. "You know, not everyone is going to finish by doing the Rocky dance at the top!"

What do you mean? I want everyone- me included- to sprint to the top and do a jig! I want us all to run into the stadium flanked by well-wishers cheering us on. I want to puff out my chest with my last ounce of breath and break the tape at the finish line. But here's the truth, the battle gets more intense the longer it wages. Some people are going to crawl or be carried across the finish line of this 31 day March. The important thing is that we finish. Finish ANY WAY YOU CAN! And don't let the enemy convince you that an ugly finish isn't a finish. Any inch of territory taken during this march is a "finish!"

So finish, my dears! Our finish lines are not the same so finish whatever God illuminated this month. Finish closer to God. Finish different, together, better. Finish changed-even a little bit.

Finish more confident, more committed or with a rested soul. Finish with a bigger heart for people and more willing to intercede for them. Finish with a clearer since of God's voice and with more praise on your lips or with more peace in your spirit. Finish shining brighter and with a greater awareness of the battle.

Finish determined or out of obedience. Finish limping, late, or last. Finish kicking and screaming, pushing past the fear and through the fog.  Finish with the enemy nipping at your heels, then lift your heel and crush his head! But most of all finish hopeful. Because victory in this different march will not be defined by a photo finish but by the finished work of God in our lives and the lives of others. Being confident of this that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Jesus Christ. Phil. 1:6

Reflect on above finish statements. Which one best describes you now? 

Prayer: Lord, You have spoken things to me this month as I have followed you on this march. Your Holy Spirit stirred in me a desire to take territory by taking on your strength through prayer. I know for some women on this journey, they barely have enough energy or hope to take another step. And for some women, they are hitting their stride and shifting into momentum. I pray as I finish the race to which you have called me that I will lift the limping up and cheer on those running ahead. With each step I take, I take the ground for You- for the prize of a faith legacy and your words, "well done."