Day 19 of 31: Our Survivor Stories

I recently adventured to NYC with my friend, Lisa. We go during winter because it’s cheaper. It’s cheaper because it’s winter! We’ve learned the value of layers and Cuddle Duds. It was sunny our first morning when we emerged from the subway. Once at street level, we were eye to eye with the Twin Towers site. Immediately an energetic man named Jose approached us selling memorial booklets. “I don’t care if you buy a book,” he said, “just let me tell you my story.”

He was there when the towers crumbled- when terror came knocking on America’s door. He was a survivor. He flipped over to one of the pages in the book and showed us his picture. As a survivor he volunteered, helping others. His first-hand account gripped us. His fear and pain was authentic. His passion to share was undeniable.

We all have survival stories. Stories of what God has brought us through. Or even if we are in the midst of heartache or tragedy, He is showing His peace and presence. You don’t have to sell a book to tell your story.

Reflection: What have you survived? What are you in the process of surviving? How does God want to use your story to help others? 

Prayer: Dear Lord, you have brought me through so much. I am a survivor. I will tell of your kindness and for your deeds for which you are to be praised. Your goodness and mercy carried me through trials, tragedies and things that terrorized my soul. I know that when I am silent, the enemy wins. Show me the things I take for granted that you have ushered me through. Give me the courage to tell my story. Bring people into my path that I can bless and encourage. Thank you for the strength in my story. (Psalm 63:7)