Poetry Collection


The Chair

The chair in the corner speaks to me,

“Come rest your weary mind

Bring a book or put your feet up

It will do you good to recline.

My cushion is soft, my legs are sturdy

The carved wood makes me unique

Feel the comfort, free your soul

Come now, have a seat.”

The Spirit inside me speaks to me,

“Come rest your weary mind.

Read my Word, be still and know

It will do you good to take time.

My burden in light, I’ll carry your heart

My mark makes you unique

Take my comfort, free your soul

Come now, you’re complete.”



Rhythms run in perfect pace

The tides of ebb and flow

Until the unexpected comes

And rattles what you know

Predictable becomes the past

Its comfort leaves you lost (it’s comfort now removed)

Uncertain knocks upon your door

New ground that must be proved.



Greater is your power

Than the fear that grips my heart

Deeper is your love

Than the depths that swallowed my soul

Farther than the reach of the guilt that chases me

Your mercy reaches for me.


Wake sweet Shelly

For your night has lingered long

Come sweet light

Break the darkness with your dawn


Fight sweet Shelly

With warriors at your side

Wake, sweet Shelly

Mother, sister, friend and bride



Toss just a morsel or a crumb my way

There’s no reason for hunger in the world today

For buffets abound and many have plenty

So why am I here starving …. So empty?


Perhaps if it was just food that would fill

I could scour a dumpster, or bum a meal

It’s a famine of love- but surrounded by plenty

So why am I here starving…. So empty


New Year’s Eve

The 11th hour is closing in-

The darkest night before dawn

I cast off the cloak of fear and oppression

Naked I walk toward hope


Not because I have seen the light

But because it has been promised

Each step of faith takes me to my Beloved

Until unaware I am clothed in His arms

Tears flowing, joy soaring, soul complete.


Before Hope

Before Hope I stood on the shore—empty, raw, ruined.

I searched the horizon trying to catch a glimpse of reason or rhyme.

Eyes closed, heart open I heard possibility call to me from the deep

My tentative toes touched the tides

My soul released the love held captive

Faith now refreshed, restored

Before Hope I stood on the shore—empty, raw, ruined


Hollow Noise

I stand at the edge of the quiet canyon rising in the dramatic mist

My cautious corpse surveys the certain edge- the chasm vast

The deceiver taunts me with whispers on the wind-

plunging my passion to the depths below

Echoes of my vain quest return void—the distant discourse defies me


Courage, call me back from the edge, Arise in my soul the sweet sound of victory

Rescue me from the valley of my vivid imaginations- silence its trappings

Carry this folly-this hollow noise away on the winds of wisdom-

freeing my passion to higher heights

Return my captive voice on the wings of salvation-this sacred song defines me-



Write your covenant on my heart

Etch into my soul your words of truth

Pen your love on a heavenly scroll

Bind it up with your grace and your mercy


Speak my name, you wrote on your heart

Call me in truth, from your eternal soul

Whisper your love on heavenly winds

Seal your covenant by your Holy lips.




Tomorrow waits with wonder

It is breathless with anticipation,

Hope peeks through an open window,

Looking for a glimpse of the unseen


The eager heart leaps, beating wildly

Entertaining possibility

And inviting opportunity to come play

A sleeping soul awakens


The joys and loves of yesterday

Are colorful marbles we place in our pockets

They strengthen our fragile dreams

And become friends for the journey


Morning breaks new and perfect

Fresh dew on tender green grass welcomes bare feet

Worry slipped away during the night

Leaving “what will be” in the hands of Grace.


To Write

To write is to release your heart into the open

Each word waving to the world- this is what I think- this is how I feel!

To write is to invite dreams into existence where they will gather breath into their lungs exhaling passion and purpose- stirring beauty –becoming a truth that touches a heart.


Not to write is to hold your voice captive.

Each word descending into the depths, hopelessly denied and invalidated.

Not to write is to suppress the spark placed in your soul when God whispered your name

Suffocating in apathy and anxiety- fanning fear-fulfilling the lie that nothing matters.

Today I chose to write.


Be encouraged for God is sovereign

There is nothing beyond his knowledge.

He knew what plot of land you would be standing on at this moment. He knew it when He spoke into the midnight void calling the cosmos into constellations, gathering the depths of the seas with a scoop of his hand and molding each

mountain as a monument to His majesty. He knew. He knew the one moment in your life when you would look into the heavens and cry out, “where is God?”

He knew the moment your spirit would be filled with grief deeper than any ocean floor and when you would stand at the foot of a summit and beg for it to move.

Be encouraged for God is sovereign.

There is nothing beyond his grasp.

In the beginning of the beginning—in the darkest of dark He reached up to the heights of His grace and delivered redemption into the depths of human frailty. His open hand searches each moment to touch, to bless, to reach, to turn a hiding face towards His. He reaches across the heavens revealing each star as a glimmer of the hope in His glory. He reaches into the chasm of your sorrow catching tears and turning them into joy rainbows for your soul. He places His hand tightly in yours, and whispers in your ear, “let’s climb together.”

Be encouraged for God is sovereign

There is no one beyond his love.

He began loving you before there was a you to love. When He formed the universe, he was forming a picture of you in His heart. He was carving out room in the depths of His soul to take you in—into a safe place of mercy and goodness. Even when you run from His love, He pursues you like a father chasing a guilty child. Discipline stings for a moment, but the sweet reunion endures.

He sweeps you up into His arms and sets you high on the mountain of His Holy place and communes with you Spirit to spirit, Creator to creation, Lover to beloved.

Be encouraged for God is sovereign.



Filled with sorrow, no tears to weep

Constant waking, no time to sleep

A glimpse of hope, no promises to keep

Shallow breathing, no air in the deep



The metal of courage is forged in the quiet moments of solitude

Before the battle begins

Before the enemy lifts a sword

On your knees,

In your soul,

Under His hand.



There is a common thread among man

A tie that binds as darkness looms

A rope that rescues a frayed existence

A bond woven in wonder-

Stitched moment by moment by pain and joy



The drought-dry lake recedes from its banks

Shrinking to the center of the deep

Now exposed are things unseen for decades

Debris discarded below the surface

As to not disturb the pleasant view


My drought-dry soul recedes from its fullness

Shrinking to the center of the deep pain

Now exposed are things unseen for decades

Emotional debris exiled to the depths below

As to not disturb the pleasant life


Unlikely Places

A ray of light in a violent storm

A flower blooms from a rock

An unexpected letter arrives

A friend drops by to talk

Undeniable graces

In Unlikely places

Undeniable love

Your heart to mine

A melody in chaos rises

A word on the page rings true

A deer in the wood meets my gaze

A touch from another is from You

Undeniable graces

In Unlikely places

Undeniable love

Your heart to mine


Come forth

He called me from the dark

My weary soul awakened

Crawling from the quiet cocoon

This metamorphosis complete


B & N Starbucks

High atop in this coffee shop

With the bustling down below

I’ve come to sit, to rest a bit

Before I catch a show

Friday night, my hair cut right

A friend is on her way

Talk is deep, then so is sleep

The end to a perfect day.


Autumn Day

What is it about an autumn day

That makes you jump in your car

And get away

To the winding paths and falling leaves

To the sunlight ambers

‘cept they’re call to me

To come an play on a sunny day



Invite your dreams

Then write your heart

Put pen to paper

And then you will start

To pour out what Christ

Has put into you

To release the voice

That inside rings true.


Order My Days

Father please help me to order my day

To keep each moment precious, let none slip away

Keep me focused on what I should do

Spare me from confusion that takes my eyes off of You.

For many things call and clamor to be done

But I long for the anointing that points to just one

Just one God-led mission that honors my Lord

And brings truth and joy through the power of a word.



Here I am again, Lord

The place that every time I walk away from it

I vow to never return

The road I believed I was on – away from here

Somehow took a u-turn and now I am here again

Mourning the loss of forward progress

Nursing my defeat, licking my wounds

Words thrown about still seem to rip my flesh and pierce my heart

Here again.

How many times can you take the same hill?

How many times can you face the same demons?

How many times will I end up here again.


For Miriam

She swims in seas of melodies

Smiling to the rhythm of rain

Even the wind longs to play in her hair

As she basks in the gladness of sunshine


Her eyes reflect the purest of hearts

Holding comfort in the chasms of her soul

She weeps at beauty, rejoices in truth

With words of wisdom she pens symphonies


Kindness drips from her fingertips

Laughing at life’s simplicity

She dreams a refrain of redemption

For even her shadow shines with His glory


Creative Log (beginning Summer ’07)


The morning greets me like a warm embrace

The sound of the crashing waves bids me come

12 perfectly aligned seagulls sail on the breeze skimming the glistening sea.

It seems instinctively choreographed

They arc up and then down in synchronicity

There is clearly a leader

There is clearly unity

Unity in motion, unity in direction

I imagine- unity in mind and spirit

That’s what makes it appear so effortless


Linger here and I’ll be blessed

With peace that comes like morning rest

The rest that comes on the heels of sleep

The calm that comes in the mystery of the deep

No other rest but morning rest

Can greet you with a day

No other hope but mercy fresh can bid you come and play

Lord may I carry morning rest a gift to my heart from you

An anchor for my all-day-long whether plentiful or few.


A blade of grass or a strand of hair

The clouds that float on the current

The whisper of a breeze and the rhythm of the waves

Each one singing a song for you

A tear on a pillow or a feeble hand’s reach

The aching song of a broken heart

An empty soul or a love turned cold

Each one reaching for you

You are powerfully present and intimately involved


Groaning heart

Grasping thoughts

Searching to find you here

All alone

But not at all

Humbly I wait

Sometimes in thunder

Often in sorrow

Speaking in silence

Consume my doubt

Restore my faith

Fill me in your embrace


Come pretty red bird

And light upon this fence

You’re so quick to fly away

I’ve watched you for the whole day long

I wish that you would stay

I long to gaze on your colorful coat

And admire the etching of black on your wings

Sing to me of your freedom

How you glide from perch to perch

Sing to me of your view from the above

The green and tender earth.


The ache in my spirit-withers me in moments of pain and solitude

In the quiet whispers of an empty night,

he comes to me and stirs the waters of my soul

determined to turn the tide toward turbulent seas.

Because my heart belongs to another, I am tormented.

One moment knowing the infinite love and the powerful protection of perfect love

Followed by endless hours of energy expended fighting off the daggers of “truth” thrown by the evil one.

How he schemes to rip me from the grasp of my savior!

My mind is fertile soil where he plants his seeds of destruction-

And yet if I could only reconcile my devoted heart and my divided mind-

I could call for my rescuer….. I scream aloud but only the silence is deafening.

If I could only hide behind the hem of His garment--retreat like a child into the folds of safety, all would be bearable.

Fight for me my King! Take the battlefield of my mind and attack the stronghold he possesses- Cast his weapons of mass destruction into the lake of fire- Less than a look, Less than a movement or word and he is compelled to flee.

The glory of your presence blinds his dark soul and crushes his gnarled fingers that choke my joy. Do not leave your beloved to suffocate- breathe on me your breath of life-

Bind my heart and my mind to you in perfect unity.



I stand on the edge of my journey.

The clearing reveals a rocky path ahead. It is overgrown with weeds, brush and wildflowers. Someone’s been here, but not in quite a while.

I can tell that there is a turn in the trail once it ducks into the dense wood.  Beyond that…

I know this path leads to the cross and although I’ve made this journey many times before, today I approach it with apprehension. It’s familiar and strange at the same time.

There have been times when this path seemed impassable. Torrential downpours created pits of mud and mire under my feet.

There have been times when fear kept my steps tentative.

There have been times when the weariness from the steep slopes has sent me back to the bottom… defeated.

I stood at the mouth of this path again today.

Today I heard Jesus say, “Walk it.”

“I will lay me down across the mire to give you solid ground.

I will close the mouths of all things dangerous that speak fear into your heart.

I will lift you to heights that your strength alone can’t take you.

For it is my greatest desire to have you with me.

I am at the end of the path. Walk it.”